At fruit logistics, which was held in Berlin from February 6 to 8, the Plus Berries group was honored to present the new strawberry variety called “Candela”.

Candela, we can say, it is a Premium variety. In the first place it is a type of strawberry with a very sweet and intense flavor, not only in the first cycles of the plant. Its flavor and aroma remain throughout the campaign. It also retains that intense red color so characteristic of the variety and its size of origin. In terms of useful life, expectations have improved markedly. Once it is collected, the increments of the period in which the strawberry preserves those magnificent properties that it has, have multiplied, which open us new ways of commercialization to more remote geographical areas. For the consumer it is also a plus, since the strawberry is preserved for more days with its full characteristics. In the field, we can say that the variety is a strong, robust and resistant plant that with minimal care, resists with solvency in the face of pests and diseases. In addition to being an extra early variety, it puts us in a very advantageous position at the time of its commercialization.

Candela has created great expectations among the customers and the public of fruit logistics, finding us now with the reserved production. Currently, it is a variety marketed entirely by the Plus Berries group and cultivated by the partner Agro Martin, although it is not ruled out in the future that other farmers can grow it.

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