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The advantages of the province of Huelva in the cultivation of strawberries, recognized by world experts, largely explain the extraordinary rise of the strawberry sector in this province. In particular, occur in the south of Huelva conditions of soil, climate, and the availability of good quality water, which resulted in a great expansion of this crop.

This process has also been accompanied by a high level of technicality, distribution structures and commercial dynamism, which have been converted to strawberry cultivation in King county. Currently, in Huelva produced 350,000 tonnes of strawberries per year, representing more than 95 % of the national production of this fruit, with proven quality and especially on dates in which there is so much competition in the market inside, as in the rest of Europe.

Each time the awareness of farmers with the environment is superior, in recent years, biological control and organic production have increased significantly.

Almost half of the strawberries produced in Huelva goes to the European market. France, England and the United Kingdom absorb 33% of the volume exported by Spain. Germany with 32% remains one of our best customers. Countries such as Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden , Denmark, Russia and UAE demand Huelva strawberry early and high quality.



90% of the Spanish production
2nd world producer after California. First territorial concentration
70% of Huelva strawberry is exported to the European Union and Community Countries in which we increasingly presence
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