AGROMARTIN SL in its work and commitment to transparency towards the final consumer aims at the certification of all its products as a guarantee of safety.
    GLOBAL GAPSAI GLOBAL states that the production of nectarines, peaches, plums, strawberries and apricots are in accordance with protocol requirements : GLOBALG.A.P. Control Points and Compliance Criteria Integrated Farm Assurance V 4.0_Mar 11.
      INTEGRATED PRODUCTIONACERTA Certificación, S.L. grants this certificate to Agromartín, SL whose strawberry production of integrated production to reach Producer - Operator, meets the requirements of Decree 245/2003 of 2 September and their modifications, by which integrated production and its indications in agricultural and processed products are regulated.
      • BRC
        BRCCertification body accredited by ENAC according to EN 45011 with No 32/C-PR066 for BRC certification, and having signed a contract with the owners of BRC, grants this certificate to Plus Berries. There, it has been found that the requirements are met: 6th edition Global Standard for Food Safety  July 2011 with a range of refrigerated storage, sorting, grading and packing of strawberries and stone fruit: peach, nectarine, plum and apricot.
        • SPRING
          SPRINGSAI Global declares that the production of apricots, blueberries, tangerines, nectarines, orange, peach, plum and strawberries comply with the standard: SPRING Program Sustainable Program for Irrigation and Use of Groundwater. Version 1.1-1
          • GRASP
            GRASPThe certification body SAI GLOBAL states that the producer mentioned in this test has been evaluated according to the risk assessment in the Social Practice v1.1 January 11, by GLOBALGAP.
            • NURTURE
              NURTUREThis system was developed by TESCO in order to offer its customers a higher and safer quality in its products, including elements such as the environment, education, health and safety of workers, integrated pest management, integrated crop management, etc...
              • LEAF
                LEAFLinking environment and farming. It certifies his commitment to the environment and good practices of the farmer. By this standard, the product is confirmed to be produced responsibly and according to environment.
                • CARBON FOOTPRINT
                  CARBON FOOTPRINTThis certificate confirms that the CO2 emissions generated were neutralized through carbon offset projects.
                  • IFS FOOD
                    IFS FOODCertification entity SAI GLOBAL grants this certificate to AGROMARTÍN, S.L. according to the IFS Food 6.1 standard, in which it has been verified that it complies with the requirements established in: World Food Safety Standard with scope of storage in refrigeration, selection, calibration and packaging of strawberries and stone fruit: peach, nectarine, plum and apricot.
                    • SMETA
                      SMETAThe SEDEX Certification Body declares that it includes all labor standards, health, Safety, Environment and Business Ethics. SMETA best practices version 6.1 has been evaluated
                      • ZERYA
                        ZERYAZERYA is a brand of differentiated quality and is the result of years of research with the aim of defining food production systems that guarantee a final product without pesticide residues.
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