Community work

Due to the social commitment acquired with its workers, Agromartín has been developing different social actions for the integration of different contingents of workers coming to our fields each season. The goals are:
Promoting equality, diversity and the full integration of all workers without losing their own identity.
Developing the talents of each employee, having a team of qualified and well-trained workers.
Get a pleasant, enjoyable stay, good for all workers who have chosen Agromartín as part of their lives.


Construction of classrooms and teaching Spanish language courses for immigrants, introduction to internet, first aid, risk prevention, food hygiene, family planning, road safety, pesticide handler, counseling and co-development (promotion of self-management for capable of generating wealth in their countries of origin with the profits of labor and thus creating an equal world).

Providing the means to recycle and learn to respect the environment.

Creating a computer room and free internet with video conferencing available so they can talk and see their families.

Installing a television with satellite, so they can watch channels from all countries, dvd and freeview.

Installing a pay phone, so they can be communicated without going to a booth.

Installing an intercultural tent for holding meetings and events, equipped with sound and microphones.

Celebrating birthday to all workers, singing Happy Birthday in all languages.

Celebration of the most representative of each culture festivals (feast of lamb, Orthodox easter…).

Participation in festivals and county events (4th prizes in carnival parade of Isla Cristina, attendance to the Film and Television Festival of Islantilla, attending intercultural parties in Cartaya and San Bartolomé…).

During the celebrations we have every half hour music from a different country and folk dances are danced.

We provide musical instruments.

Provision of a prayer room.

Placing a mailbox for complaints and suggestions, so anonymously if they wish, the can help to improve the company.

Celebrating Miss Sympathy and Miss Beautiful Smile, chosen by their workmates in order to encourage good working environment.

Election at the end of the season of the best employee in the category of fellowship, quality and commitment.

Flamenco lessons are taught in their free time.

Providing games rooms with pool, foosball, table games and library.
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