Agro Martín was certified in 2016 in the Carbon Footprint, which consists of compensating the greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by direct or indirect effect of an individual, organization, event or product.

Agro Martín has become one of the most prestigious companies for the cultivation of strawberries in the province of Huelva. Since its foundation, it has not only grown in production, but has also diversified its market, currently selling its fruit throughout most of Europe.

As for us the emission of these gases is inevitable due to production, for this we have, ClimatePartner, a leading company in business solutions for climate protection, which helps companies achieve growth through voluntary climate protection.

Currently, ClimaterPartner, certifies that the emissions we issue meets international standards, and neutralizes the C02 that we generate through carbon offset projects.

As we are aware of our responsibilities with the environment, and although we have no legal obligation, we have decided to invest voluntarily in climate protection, and we are currently collaborating on two carbon offset projects: EL “Cookstove Nationwide Peru” and “Wind Energy Vader Piet Aruba ”

– “Cookstove Nationwide Peru”: Almost three billion people around the world burn wood, charcoal, animal manure or coal in open fires or inefficient stoves for cooking or heating. Breathing these fumes is very harmful to health and causes millions of deaths a year. In response to this problem we collaborate with this organization that is responsible for supplying clean and efficient kitchens in Peru.

Besides improving the quality of life of these people, another benefit is that by reducing the amount of wood required, not only is deforestation reduced, but it also means that women can halve the amount of time they spend collecting wood or the amount of money they spent to buy it, freeing time and income for other productive activities.

– “Vader Piet Aruba Wind Energy”: In the Caribbean islands, conventional energy resources are scarce. The Caribbean is a region with a strong dependence on external sources of energy, since there are no significant oil and gas deposits in its territory. For this reason, we collaborate with this project, helping to implement wind energy, as it is a region with excellent renewable energy resources. The aims of this initiative are to collaborate in sustainable development, mitigate the effects of climate change and meet the growing demand for energy, mainly related to the tourism industry.

In addition Agro Martin has been certified with GRASP (GLOBAL G.A.P Risk Assessment in Social Practices) and BRC (British Retal Control), among many other certificates.

You can see the full official reports on compensation at the following link

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