A group of teachers and students of the University of Huelva visited Agromartín

On Thursday February 20, a group of students of the University of Huelva visited Agromartín. These students (about 20) are attending a course on Movements in population, development and productive return, organized by the Assistive Foundation for Training, Research and Study (AFIES) and the Institute of Local Development (IDL) of UHU. The sponsor is the Directorate General of Migration Policy Coordination of the Junta of Andalucía. These are Humanities, Social Work and Labour Sciences students and graduates.

Therefore, we have had the opportunity to share experiences. On the one hand, Jose Antonio Martin has told them his business experience, showing the field system strawberry cultivation, the pack house and accommodation for workers. Similarly, he has felt their social concern of these students and teachers.

To sum up, Agromartín is committed to working closely with our University of Huelva.

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